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Kimberly – I will be forever grateful for what you did for my family and for protecting my dad. There are so many elderly persons out there with Alzheimer’s that are vulnerable to something like this. Families who are on this journey don’t always know how to protect themselves.


Thanks Kimberly! Sorry it was such a pain, but I can see why State Farm recommended you so highly. You have been great.


I just wanted to express my thanks for representing me during this lawsuit. I would also like to say what an excellent job Kimberly did during this process. She worked with me any and every way she could. I have been associated with several law suits in my life time and had to deal with several lawyers and she, by far is the best I have worked with.

Rick M.

I would like to thank you for picking Kimberly Munson to represent me. I could trust her to be available when I needed to consult with her. She always provided exceptional service and dedication to the task at hand.

She proved our case to the court and won the case. 100% NOT NEGLIGENT.

Ray H.

…This has been a real struggle for our family and I do not know what we would have done without someone as wonderful as you….We feel like we had an angel sitting on our shoulder. You are wonderful and we really appreciate all of your overwhelming knowledge, compassion, sympathy and understanding through this entire ordeal.

Robert, Christie & Taylor H.

There are those who by their giving and caring make such a difference in our lives that it’s hard to express how much they mean to us. Whatever, whenever, wherever the need some people are just right there so much a part of the good in our lives. They bring out the best, making life worthwhile, the world a better place, permitting those around them to success, it is important that you know, you really do make a difference.

Jose P., Corporate Counsel

We cannot speak highly enough of our legal representation provided by Kimberly Munson. She was consistently outstanding. We were so fortunate to be represented by her and would highly recommend her to anyone. She deserves every opportunity presented to her, as she was a blessing to all of us.

Randy L.

Without Kimberly’s help and guidance, I am sure the outcome of this lawsuit would have been very different…Kimberly made us feel at ease with her professional approach to my case and her honest, realistic expectations regarding the outcome. She approached my defense with a clearly defined organized plan, and then explained her plan in words that we could easily understand.

There are no words I know of that are adequate enough to express how I feel about Kimberly Munson, and her skills as an attorney. She approached my defense with the energy of a tiger and the intellect of Einstein!! Never in my life have I seen anyone so totally focused and so completely confident. She had a clear understanding of the laws applicable to this case and had researched similar cases for precedents. She used her organizational and communication skills as well as her professional understanding of the law, to slowly squeeze the truth from the plaintiffs. She then used those same facts to get the plaintiffs to willingly drop the lawsuit. The tactics she used followed her original plan, and she executed this plan with the precision of the skilled professional that she is.

I am still amazed at the outcome of this lawsuit, and at the swiftness that it occurred. Kimberly is one of the few people in this world that my wife and I trust completely. She was always honest, forthright, and truthful in everything she said, even when it was difficult for me to understand. She gave me regular progress reports, and offered me many different options. Her assessment of the plaintiffs and their tactics was always correct and her advice was always appropriate. I am glad she was on my side!!! In some ways I even pity the plaintiffs and their attorney.

…Kimberly proved to me that honesty; truth and righteousness prevail only when the righteous take a stand, and find a righteous attorney, who knows the applicable laws and is afraid of no one.

…I just want to express my feelings and assessment of the character of Kimberly Munson. She is not intimidated by anyone and used every bit of her intellect to do her absolute best for me. I don’t think I am unique in that respect! I believe she does her absolute best for all her clients. The future is bright for her, and the world is a better place because of her.

Thomas B.

Thank you so much for helping David and me. This was my first experience meeting with an attorney and I must say it was very helpful and pleasant. I felt very comfortable at your office and David and I really appreciated the first consultation at no charge. David said it shocked him as any attorney he has ever met with, that never occurred. He was impressed by your firm with all the knowledge that was given to us.

I will be referring anyone and everyone I know to your firm. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Cary H.

Excellent news, Ms. Munson. Thank you so much for your tenacity on this issue. We appreciate you! …. – Anna T.

I have enjoyed working with every one of you guys. I’m not writing this to say goodbye, but THANKS for the very competent help. – P.D.